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A Guide To Productive Meetings

Be on time! Have an agenda! When it comes to meetings, the same advice crops up time and again. But these tips – along with making sure that your meeting is necessary – are just common sense.

But how do you really make sure that meetings work, every time? Let’s have a look.

October 10, 2021 | 2 min. read


Tip 1: Quick check in  
Before diving straight into the meeting, it’s good to see how everyone is feeling. This immediately brings a collaborative vibe into the room and kicks off the meeting in a friendly, incluway. Though don’t spend too long asking people, just one or two words will do.   

Tip 2: Watch the clock 
Yes, really. It’s easy to wander off topic, particularly on online meetings. So use a timer. And to make sure that everyone stays in their lane, allocate a timekeeper role to one of the attendees.  

Tip 3: Slash the guest list 
Who are all these people? Do they all need to be there? Probably not. Choose a small number to join the meeting and select only those relevant to the topic. If one of them can’t make it, ask yourself if it should still go ahead.   

Tip 4: Master the art of meetings 
One reason why some meetings are better than others is that running a meeting is something of an art. And like any creative pursuit, you’ll get better the more you practice –so take advantage of the vast amount of resources online to improve your meeting skills. 


Tip 5: Curb your indifference 
Yes, meetings are not likely to be in your top ten ‘favorite things’. But they can and should be successful, and that success depends on both organizers and attendees pulling in the same direction. So try and dial in some enthusiasm – it’ll rub off on others and bring energy to the meeting.   

Tip 6: Be present 
Put the phone down: that way you won’t be caught short when someone asks “…what do you think?” Rest assured, they’re not after your opinion on Miranda’s latest cat video. 

Tip 7: Take notes 
Pen. Paper. Don’t rely on your memory to record those vital action points – chances are, you’ll forget most of the meeting moments after it’s over. You were given that branded notebook on your induction day for a reason, and this is it. 

Tip 8: Share the love 
People really, really do miss their human contact. While that’s not exactly a valid excuse to call a meeting, it’s something to bear in mind if you’re attending one. So bring the love and try make sure your interactions are warm, connected, and human. 

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