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How To Make The Most Of This Weird Situation

Keeping sane in this topsy-turvy world

April 04, 2020 | 2 min. read

Your daily routine has been turned upside down – maybe you’re home alone or your house is full of children you need to keep safe. It’s easy to switch from thinking everything will be all right to letting the stress of it all consume you. 

Whatever your situation, here are some things that will hopefully add some structure, clarity and happiness.

Stay sharp
This entire situation is almost screaming for sweatpants. But it’s better to try and start your day at home just as any other workday. Have breakfast, shower, do whatever else you do and, of course, get dressed!

Stay social
Use tech to connect with loved ones and colleagues regularly. Try to have at least one video call a day. It helps to see a friendly face.

Stay kind
Please consider how other people feel right now. They can perceive things in a totally different way than you. Be kind and support people around you and make sure no one is overlooked.

Stay active
Familiar things, like household chores, can be a welcome distraction. So cook, clean, fix that shelf, clean up your inbox or colour code your clothes, whatever makes you happy!

Stay calm
10 minutes of quiet time makes all the difference. Just take a moment to reflect or meditate. Headspace has some easy (and free, whoopee!) exercises that will help you stay balanced (check the link below).

Stay curious
Use this time to learn new things – watch tutorials, TED Talks or documentaries, tune into a podcast or audiobook. Or go analogue and order a real book.

Stay fresh
Make sure you get enough fresh air. There are limitations of course, but you can open your windows. Or sit on your balcony or in your garden (if you’re lucky).

Stay Fit
It’s important to get your heartrate up every so often. And there are plenty of ways to exercise, despite being at home – whether you’re into yoga or fitness, there’s tons of useful stuff online (check the link below).

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