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How To Pay Attention To The Good Stuff

It’ll brighten up the dark days

April 04, 2020 | 2 min. read

It’s safe to say these are testing times. With all the bad news flying about, it can be difficult to see the good stuff. But there’s still plenty of it out there, it’s just a matter of paying closer attention.


That’s why we’ve shone a light on a few good things to help brighten up those dark days.

Good people
Try to steer clear of negative people. It will give you room to focus on people who are positive, supportive and want to make the best of it. There are plenty of good ones out there!

Good news
Only trust reliable sources and zoom in on the good things people are doing. Good news can be modest, so make sure to look closely for it. Limit your news intake, even try skipping a day.

Good companies
Creating innovative products for people in need, offering free expertise, starting initiatives to prevent employees from losing their jobs – these are just a few examples of the many companies doing good things.

Good behaviour
People keeping a safe distance from each other, young people reaching out to the old, kids starting projects to help friends –sometimes the worst situations bring out the best in us.


Good food
You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to make good food. Use fresh ingredients, take your time, follow the recipe and add some love to it. Good cooking makes everybody happy.

Good vibes
Find your favorite playlist, put on your headphones, turn up the volume and let good tunes fill you with energy and happiness. 

Good YOU can do
Don’t overthink it, just start small and keep going.

  • Stay home (if you can)
  • Check in on people in your neighbourhood
  • Write down something positive and share it
  • Next time you cook, lose yourself in the process 
  • Try to gently guide people who are stuck in negativity
  • Set a good example (keep your distance, stay calm, stay friendly)
  • Support (local) small businesses (order food from restaurants, buy vouchers, etc.)
  • Organize virtual dinner parties
  • Make a ‘thank you’ sign for the delivery person (they are heroes!)
  • Thank those working at the grocery store
  • Give extra donations to charities
  • Help non-tech savvy people with set up video calls 
  • Buy stuff from good brands
  • Ask how someone’s doing
  • Start meetings with asking what everybody is grateful for

We’ve got a good thing going here

Good news
This podcast only covers good news. Enough said.

Good companies
You can help by choosing brands that do good.

Good behaviour
Just one of the many examples of people helping others.

Good food
Here are some great recipes you can start with right away!


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