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Why We Have An Eight-Foot Dinosaur In Our Office

Introducing our office mascot.

September 09, 2019 | 2 min. read

Plus some tips on how to ship a dino yourself.

Not many shipping companies know how to transport prehistoric carnivores. Well guess what! We’ve actually done it.

Being in logistics, shipping a dino is an achievement that really sets us apart from the competition. The magnificent prehistoric creature has become an effective visual aid when we have to describe or explain the sometimes abstract world of logistics. That’s why the mighty T-Rex is the official Team Digital mascot.

Meet Freddie — the friendly eight-foot cardboard T-Rex who lives in our lobby. He isn’t the only dino you’ll see around. If you work at Team Digital, you could be lucky enough to get your hands on a Golden T-Rex.


You can also spot Freddie hanging out on, helping customers explain how they can ship almost anything with TNT.

It’s safe to say we have some experience with (shipping) huge carnivores. So we thought we’d impart our wisdom and help you avoid the common pitfalls of shipping everyone’s favourite prehistoric creature.

Pack smart

Friendly or not, you need to keep your dino in check during travel. So start with a sturdy pallet and some restraints. Don’t forget to add air holes — unless of course you want your dino to become extinct (again).

Make sure it’s entertained

For animals accustomed to an active lifestyle, long journeys can be extremely dull or even traumatic. For sufficient stimulation, consider furnishing your dino’s cage with some toys or even a portable DVD player so it can break up its trip with a movie (The Land Before Time is a big favourite)

Don’t let it travel on an empty stomach

Just like any corrosive material or sharp objects, dinosaurs should be classed as dangerous goods. Unless you want to be waggled around in a T-Rex’s mouth like that lawyer from Jurassic Park, we suggest you feed it properly before you start shipping.

Get the right paperwork

If it took seven weeks for your new hoverboard from to arrive, you can imagine how long it might take customs to green stamp a dinosaur. Minimise any delay by making sure you fill out all the necessary paperwork. If you’re shipping within Europe, please note the EU guarantees the free movement of goods, capital, services and 30-foot killer beasts.

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