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What A Bunch Of Beardos

A closer look at Digital's fab facial hair

November 11, 2019 | 6 min. read

Beards are no longer just for bikers and hermits. And with everybody working from even more decided to let their facial hair grow. So it’s no surprise that you can spot quite a few here in the Digital team. In fact, while researching for this article, we discovered it was hard to find any men without facial hair. So let’s check in with all of the beardos — they really don’t like it when we call them that — proudly representing Digital International.

Maikel, Digital Marketing Automation Specialist at TNT

Maikel, tell me. How long have you been sporting that magnificent facial hair?
For about six or seven years now.

That’s quite a long time!
Yeah, before then I was totally smooth. I started with a beard, and slowly I added the moustache — it looked a little incomplete without it.

How do you take care of it? Any routine?
I just trim it twice a week. Having a beard like this is much less work than shaving it smooth everyday.

Did you ever go beardless?
I did it once by accident when my trimmer was on the wrong setting. I ended up with a bald spot so everything needed to go. It was quite a shock after getting used to this look.

Sander de Gans, Mobile Lead

Hey Sander, now this is a beard that demands respect!
Well thank you! I’m very happy with it. Shaving it off is really not an option, considering the opinions of people back at my house.

I’ve never seen you without this beard. How long have you had it like this?
About seven years.

How does it make you feel?
When I shaved it off, I realised it made me feel a certain way and that it’s very much part of my identity. My friends persuaded me to do it on New Year’s Eve a few years ago— more fun than fireworks—but it freaked me out. Every time I looked at the mirror I thought, “Who’s that chap!”. So, yeah, I really regretted it.

How can you eat without getting food stuck in your beard?
It can’t be done. Just clean everything afterwards.

What do you do to take care of it? Any grooming tips?
I visit a barber every four to five weeks. I even drive for 45 minutes because he’s the best (and the only one who’s allowed to touch my beard).

Ismail, Senior Frontend Developer

Ismail, this is the most originally shaped beard I’ve seen so far.
Thank you! I’ve had it for nine years now. Just before I got married I started to get more serious with my religion and thought this is a good time to let it grow.

It looks great. Have you ever shaved it off?
Only when I was young. As teenagers do, I used to trim it occasionally. I experimented a bit with a moustache and goatee.

How does it make you feel?
It’s not the beard that makes you feel different, it’s the way you’re treated. When I’m at the mosque in Morocco, they let me pray up at the front like an Imam!

Anything else to add?
My freelance company is called Zward Baard (that’s Black Beard, translated from Dutch).

José, Digital Marketing & Localization Specialist

OK José, tell me the story behind this beard.
I feel pretty flattered about being in this article. It’s really not that impressive.

I like it! How long have you had it like this?
Since it began growing. When I was a teenager I wanted to have a beard like Craig David, with that chin strap and goatee. But unfortunately [or fortunately?] I couldn’t pull it off.

Ever shaved it off?
Rarely. I struggle to see myself without facial hair.

Why not?
I guess it’s a childhood thing. My father had a big moustache and whenever he shaved it off it was always a shock.

Did you ever have just a moustache?
Maybe a couple of times, but my friends made fun of me because  it made me look like Cantinflas [google it].

Are you the kind of guy that grooms?
I only go to the barber for my hair. I groom the beard myself.

Vladimir, Technology Lead

Alright Vladimir, this looks like a pretty well-groomed beard. How long have you had it?
Since the day it started growing. Back then I was holding out for a Hulk Hogan beard, but unfortunately it grows too slowly for that.

Do you do anything to it?
I don’t groom – this is just the way it grows. Once every eight weeks I run a trimmer over it.

Have you ever shaved it off?
I did it once, but my skin didn’t react too well.

David, Data Scientist

What is the story behind your facial hair?
I’ve had it for quite a long time now, the main reason being because I’m lazy. If you go beardless, you need to take care of it a lot more than when you trim.

How does that make you feel?
I don’t really know. But my father always had a beard – in fact I’ve never seen him without it. And I look a lot like him, so maybe that’s why I have it.

Do you ever shave it all off?
Before I got married my wife never knew me without a beard. When I shaved off it once, she took one look and said, “Grow it back!”.

Do you go to any barbers for your beard?
Well actually, now I do. One just opened up on our neighbourhood, so I go every couple of months. It’s just really relaxing to be pampered from time to time.

Jeroen, Creative Lead

Alright Jeroen, this looks like a pretty well-groomed beard. How long have you had it?
For the past few days it’s been slightly shorter than normal. To be honest I don’t even remember life without at least a little hair on my cheeks. My friends wouldn’t recognize me and my wife wouldn’t appreciate it either.

Have you really never shaved it off?
Well yes, I did it once to be Thomas Anders from Modern Talking for a costume party. I really was scary as hell.

Do you do anything to it?
I groom myself. No hipster salons or oils whatsoever. They didn’t exist when I got mine. You could say I was an early adopter — pretty much the only benefit of getting old.


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