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What keeps our team running?

December 12, 2019 | 5 min. read

Whether you’re on the dance floor or in the office (or right now: at home), you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes. So that’s exactly what we did.

Even the most serious of professionals like to express their personalities somehow. Often, it’s through their wardrobe. We lured a few of them away from their laptops to see what footwear allows them to freely traverse our open-plan office.

Birgit Junni, Graphic Designer

“Gay men in particular really love these shoes.”

What a great fluffy and glittery ensemble! What am I looking at?
Aren’t they fun?! I bought them online on

How did you find them?
A friend of mine went to Portugal and came back with five pairs of amazing shoes. I checked out the same shop’s website and found these. I had to have them immediately.

I suppose you can’t take a walk in the woods with these fluffy numbers. How do you keep them so beautiful?
There’s a leather sneaker underneath, so I just have to make sure I don’t get caught in the rain.

How do you feel when wearing them?
To others I guess they are funny, so maybe they make me feel like life is fun.

How many shoes do you have?
I don’t have a clue. Let’s keep it at a lot.

Jeroen, Creative Lead

“I also have a black pair for festivals.”

Tell me about these white sporty numbers.
These are VEJAs – model Hexa – which is from their vegan line.

Vegan? That’s cool! What are they made from?
From Hexa mash, which is 70% cotton, vegan suede and recycled polyester. So yes, they are still breathable.

How did you find them?
While searching online for non-leather shoes, I stumbled across their website. Since then I’ve bought around 10 pairs, even the first ones I bought still look great!

How do you keep them that clean?
I have a lot of white shoes so I can wear a lot of different pairs. And for festivals I have a dark version.

Patrick, Senior Digital Marketing Automation Specialist

“I visit sneaker fairs.”

Wow Patrick, what an animal mashup! What are we looking at?
The Atmos Nike Air Max 1 ‘Animal Pack’ 2.0 from 2018.

Where did you find them?
I bought them on Marktplaats (Dutch eBay). I had to have them because I just loved them. Because they’re limited editions you need to get in line at the sneaker store – but I wasn’t fast enough.

You are a true sneaker freaker.
Yes I am. I have 62 pairs of shoes at home and 57 are sneakers, all complete with boxes and kept in a big wardrobe. More than my wife has.

How do you find them?
Mainly via Instagram. I’m not the type of guy who goes to regular sneaker stores – I want to own the special editions. That’s why I visit sneaker fairs.

Polina – Senior Data Scientist

Damn, glam girl! Where are those beauties from?
These are just from Zara – a limited edition in collaboration with Swarovski.

How did you two meet?
Online. The crystal reminds me of dancing (Polina: Ballroom Latin Dancing Dutch Champion, 2012).

How many extra cm does it give you?
Around 12.

When do you wear them?
When I want to feel special. If I don’t feel my best, I compensate with my heels.

How do you take care of them?
I just don’t wear them outside. I always carry a pair of flats to go out and drive my car.

Maarten Hazewinkel, Scala Developer

“There might be a pair of sneakers somewhere in my house.”

They look comfortable. What are they called?
Fraser shoes from Ecco.

Where did they come from?
I bought them at Scapino (Dutch clothing store) about one year ago. I had some specific reasons for choosing these: they have a reasonable neutral design and I can use them everyday. If I go to the office, or if I want to make a brisk walk into nature.

Do you treat them well?
Not really. But I did recently polish them.

How do you feel when wearing them?

Do you have any more shoes we can talk about?
Actually, this is the only pair I wear.

Johan Stoop, Product Owner

“I bought them because they were just too cool.”

Wow, these are hard to overlook. Nice!
They’re Adidas ZX Flux ADV with reflective mesh.

Did they just jump in your lap one day?
I bought them two and a half years ago at a sample sale when I worked there [Adidas].

Do you treat them well?
Reasonably well [they look brand new!]

What happens when you put them on?
I feel flashy.

Any other colors?
Yes. I have 15 pairs. Some of them I never wear.

Nancy Ferreira, Senior Localization Program Manager

“I’m a serious shoe collector. I simply needed these.”

Now this is a pair of shoes!
They’re Christian Louboutin Pigalles.

What’s the level of elevation?
10 cm exactly.

So how did you meet?
I stumbled upon them in May 2017. In London. Love at first fit. Couldn’t let them go.

Do you treat them well?
Yes. I almost never wear them outside.

What happens when you wear them?
I feel very feminine. Isn’t that the reason we buy these shoes?

How big is your shoe collection?
Not big enough.


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