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Ever wondered what developers listen to while coding?

September 09, 2019 | 4 min. read

No two developers are the same, especially when it comes to music tastes. From heavy metal to soothing jazz, a sprinkle of white noise and a dash of pop — the tracks helping Digital’s developers relax, focus and stay motivated while coding are quite diverse. So let’s dive in and see who enjoys the dulcet tones of Lord of the Rings or the melodic sounds of Miles Davis while immersed in the world of coding.

Emily, Scala Developer

What’s your coding music of choice Emily?

So I’m a metalhead. But I actually find heavy metal artists like Opeth too distracting so I usually listen to ambient for planning and thrash for coding.

Any specific ambient artist?

Umm, I like the Icelandic band Solstafir.

And thrash?

Megadeath. They’re similar to Metallica but less mainstream, they have a good beat to keep you motivated.

That’s an eclectic mix. Is there anything you’d never listen to?

I’m quite open-minded but I wouldn’t listen to bubblegum pop, chart music or anything autotuned.

Like Justin Bieber?

Yes, his music goes straight in the bin.

Darlan, Senior Javascript Developer

What’s your go-to coding music Darlan?

It depends on the mood. Like today I’m fixing a few things so I’m listening to calm, vintage jazz and the music from the TV show Suits.

Any specific jazz artists?

Miles Davis, Chet Baker and Herbie Hancock.

Must be very soothing.

Yeah, I also listen to white noise and low frequency sounds like plane turbines — it puts your mind into a different state.

White noise, that’s a new one!

I also listen to video game music from Super Snes and Top Gear. The music is designed to speed up your mind while keeping you focused — perfect for coding.

Eddy, Senior Coding Engineer

What sounds do you listen to while coding?

No lyrics, otherwise I can’t concentrate. I listen to the music from Vikings (the TV show) and the Lord of the Rings and Mr. Robot soundtracks.

Favourite Lord of the Rings track?

The Riders of Rohan from The Two Towers.

What’s the music from Mr. Robot like?

It’s quite trippy.

How do you find coding music?


Edson, Backend Developer

What music genre puts you in the coding mood Edson?

I listen to various music genres, and if something requires a lot of attention I don’t listen to anything with lyrics — just classical.

Favourite classical artists?

Yann Tiersen, Max Richter and Philip Glass.

Any other genres?

If I need to really focus, I listen to extreme metal like Slayer.

Danny, Frontend Developer

Danny, what do you listen to while coding?

I like almost all genres — I listen to electronic, old rock, modern rock and hip hop.

Would you dip into different playlists?

Yes. I have a few…there’s ‘Relatively Good Music’, ‘Hiphoprap’ and ‘Pretty Casual’.

If you’re buzzed on coffee, what do you play?

I listen to pretty hard rock like ‘Straight for the Sun’ by Lamb of God.

Rafael, Scala Developer

So Rafael, what’s your favourite coding music?

I listen to a lot of music and it really depends on the mood, like if I’m trying to focus I’ll listen to heavier electronic artists like Moderat, Animals as Leaders or Tesseract.

Any other genres?

There’s down tempo music like SigurRós, God Is an Astronaut or Tycho (who are a bit more melodic). I also listen to The Doors, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

That’s quite a mix.

Yeah I listen to a lot of stuff. There’s also default options like psychedelic/stoner rock.

What’s a no-no?

Heavy metal, house — I think dance music is pointless to listen to while coding and I avoid pop.

Andreea, Frontend Developer

What type of music gets you in the coding zone?

I don’t listen to just one genre or style but if I need to be focused and energised I listen to Skrillex, The Prodigy, Gorillaz or Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Do you have a coding playlist?

It’s not necessarily for coding but for energetic music I have a playlist called ‘Girl Power’.

What artists feature in ‘Girl Power’?

It has music from Robbie Williams, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen and Paloma Faith.

Favourite Robbie Williams tracks?

Supreme, Sin SinSin and Candy.

Feel like adding your music into the mix? We’re always on the lookout for Digital talent. Get in touch with us here. Want to have a listen to our coders’ eclectic music mix yourself? Go right ahead…

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