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Tanja: Product Owning, User Insights Gathering, Land Rover Tinkering Triathlete

September 09, 2019 | 3 min. read

With her blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes she could well pass for our very own Team Digital pop star. But a love of old-school Land Rovers and gruelling triathlons suggests looks can be deceiving.

Meet Tanja de Boer, Product Owner for the API Team and User Insights expert. Hailing from the wonderful city of Utrecht, she shares her home with her beloved pet rabbits Pjotr & De Witte.

So, let’s get our own user insights and find out more about Tanja’s story.

First things first: which track should people play while reading this?

Skik met ‘Op Fietse’. It’s a nice, very cheerful Dutch song.

Describe Tanja the User Insights specialist in five words

[Laughs] That’s something others need to say!

Okay I’ll use these words then: “Usability is my big love”


You made the leap from agency to in-house. What do you make of it all?

The landscape in-house is more complex as there are a lot more disciplines. Not being as hung up on hours and daily deadlines here means there is more space to grow in different directions.

The most awesome thing about being in-house is that it gives you the opportunity to not only nurture your advice, but to actually do something with your findings.

Can you tell us a bit more about life as a User Insights specialist?
Although I strongly believe in quantitative data, my expertise is in conducting qualitative interviews. By developing a smart interpretation of your findings, you can improve the way people experience your products.

We work with a specific client focus. We’re constantly optimising too. You don’t need to convince anybody here that the customer’s needs come first.That’s nice.

Describe Tanja the person in five words

I’m a person of extremes.

Well, I heard some extreme sports stories with your name in them. Tell us, what do you do?

Yes, I do have a second career alongside my work here at TNT Digital. I’m a triathlete and a member of Hellas, a triathlon association in Utrecht. Training for a triathlon means swimming, cycling and running for around 15 hours a week.

WOW. Most people are happy if they can work out for three hour a week.

Yeah, it’s pretty extreme. You need to take good care of yourself and be sure to eat enough and not overtrain. To give you an idea: half a triathlon means 1.9 km of swimming, 90 km on the bike and then a half marathon after that. Your legs feel like spaghetti in between the last switch, I can tell you.

And now the really important questions.

Saronni or Dumoulin? Well, as Tom Dumoulin is the only one from those two I know, let’s pick him. But If I can choose my personal favourite athlete, that would be Dafne Schippers. She comes from Hellas too.

What’s your hobby and what’s your passion? Next to sport I love old-school Land Rovers. For driving (if it starts) but also for doing some tinkering work.

What’s the last picture on your phone? A selfie after a muddy ride.

Think you could keep up with Tanja? We’re always on the lookout for other people who want to run with us in our digitizing marathon. Click here to find out more.

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