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Stock Photo Models Just Won’t Keep Their Distance  

So we created some stock photos that fit the current situation  

April 04, 2020 | 2 min. read

We’ve all adapted to our current limitations as much as we can, but somehow stock photography agencies – and models – didn’t get the memo. They still portray office life like a happy get-together of well-groomed models standing very, very close to each other – often pointing at things. It’s inappropriate to use those pictures now, so next time you need a stock photo you might want to use one of these instead.  

We were ‘inspired’ by the top five business stock photos of 2019

The ‘talking business’
In stock photo lingo it’s best known as ‘business-people-in-open-plan-office-having-meeting’. These pictures are used to brighten up PowerPoints and websites all over the world, often to show the importance of communication and interaction. We’ve flawlessly translated that crucial part of our daily office life to a WFH-setting.


The ‘high five’
People love to visualise their successes, preferably using pictures of complete strangers. The ‘office-people-giving-a-high-five-while-using-computer’ graces many presentations. We captured that precious moment in an online setting – even adding an extra thumbs up.

The ‘thumbs up’
Like the ‘high five’, the ‘thumbs up’ is one of those universal ways to rejoice a job well done. So when you want to end your presentation on a high, why not spice it up with a ‘shot-of-a-team-showing-thumbs-up-at-work’?

And seeing as we can’t stand side-by-side anymore, we decided to create a screen-by-screen option instead.

The ‘business presentation’
This isn’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill presentation – no, this is a business presentation, usually accompanied by an impressive graph, flowchart or pie-chart. While one presents, the others – of course – look important and interested. Here’s how that looks during lockdown.
The ‘going green’
While we try to minimise our carbon footprint by working from home, stock photo models haven’t got the memo – they’re still going outside to hold up a little pile of dirt with a plant in it.

How else can you illustrate your environmentally friendly initiatives? It’s simple, just leave nature alone and use your plant at home.

The ‘team spirit’
There’s nothing better than capturing team spirit. Stock photo models love to show that, preferably mid-air, while showing their pearly whites. But what do you do when a victorious gathering is no longer possible? You do a virtual version!

Oh, and we also just saved you up to €1500 in stock photo fees. You’re welcome!

Thank you to our awesome models (real colleagues):


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