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Rik: Future Cryptocurrency Millionaire And Downright Control Freak

When it comes to customers, Rik Doppenberg likes to get personal. So we did the same with him. We dropped into his data dungeon to get the lowdown on Digital Marketing Automation (DMA) at Digital and find out why he’s eventually going to get fired.

September 09, 2019 | 4 min. read

Hi Rik. What should people listen to while reading this?

Anything from Disclosure. You could try Apollo.

We last spoke to each other about six months ago on a drunken work night out. Wasn’t that bar draughty!

What does ‘draughty’ mean? Anyway, I liked it! I’ve been back two or three times since. It’s a lot better in the summer. That’s the night you learned my secret.

I already knew. Now we’ve broken the ice, what is it you do here?

Many things. I used to work in DMA but now that’s shifted to actually building the platform DMA uses. The data we get from it will give us a better understanding of our customers, meaning we can then leverage that information to give them a more personalised experience.

Sounds complicated. How do you explain what you do to your family?

I don’t. I’ve tried explaining it to people. They generally just glaze over.

Huh? Sorry, I zoned out for a second. How’d you end up here?

I was brought in by one of our finest Product Owners. I used to work with him at a consultancy firm. One and a half years later I’m still here.

Any regrets?

Not yet.

Glad to hear it. For any kids out there dreaming of becoming a Senior DMA Specialist, how did you do it?

I’ve been writing code since I was 11. It’s safe to say it was a hobby that kind of got out of hand, so I countered it by doing Business Studies at university. I ultimately thought “what the hell am I doing here?” and ended up in DMA.

Pretty cool that your hobby’s become your job.

Yeah, most people come to work saying “God, I need to do this every day”. I get to do what I actually like.

So what’s your hobby now?

At the moment I’m pretty into cryptocurrency stuff, trying to use my skills to collect data. I find it really interesting to explore these things.

How’d you get into it?

Well, it’s just like my work. I start by trying to understand something technically, prototype it and then enhance it a little. The difference at work is that this is the point where I would walk away. I’m not interested in the nuts and bolts here. I like to know what’s going on in three teams at once. I’m sort of a control freak.

You seem to keep a close eye on things. How are we doing in terms of DMA?

We’ll soon be able to provide information on a very personal level. We’re moving very fast at the moment. Rather than spamming customers with information not relevant to them, we’ll know exactly where they are in their purchase lifecycle.

So we’re in catchup mode?

I don’t know what every other company is doing. All I know is that no company is doing it perfectly. That will never happen.

That sort of answered the question I suppose. I’m curious, what would your colleagues say about you?

They’d say I’m enthusiastic I guess.

That’s not very specific.

I know. I’m not quite sure. Hopefully they’d say I’m very capable and very knowledgeable. I think the people that work more closely with me might find that I’m passionate. And fierce. I’m not going to bite off your balls but I’m fierce in defending the solution that I envision.

Rik the control freak again. Enough messing about. Here’s what we really want to know…

What should I ask you that I haven’t already?

Where do you see your future at Team Digital?

Where do you see your future at TNT Digital?

Redundant. There’ll be an end to my job. It will eventually become just maintenance.

Describe your perfect Sunday.

Waking up, having a double espresso and reading the newspaper.

Does it annoy you when people spell your name with a ‘c’?

Not really.

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