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Isabelle: Ad Specialist And Ever-Curious ‘Coucher’

It’s the curious mind of German-born Isabelle Walter that really makes her stand out from the crowd. We sat down with this Digital Advertising Specialist to talk about everything from her hobby-habit to the interesting art of ‘couching’.

September 09, 2019 | 2 min. read

OK Isabelle, what song should people listen to while reading this interview?

Síguelo Bailando by Ozuna. A relaxed Latin song by a Puerto Rican guy who can’t stop dancing. What’s not to love?

So Spanish is the language of love?

‘Ha, there’s definitely something to how Spanish sounds. Unfortunately I don’t speak it. You gotta pick your battles.’

How do you mean?

‘Well, I’m like a squirrel. I go about life with my eyes wide open, constantly finding something new and interesting to explore.’

Such as?

‘When I was a kid back in Leichlingen, near Cologne, I played tennis and did judo and horseback riding. As an adult I got into silk printing, ceramics, woodwork. You name it.

Really? And what’s the latest one?

‘Well, my boyfriend and I are really great at couching. And before you ask, that’s not just chilling at home. We love to discover the best couches at cafes to eat, read, lazy about on a Sunday afternoon. Whenever we go out and see a sofa we just claim it. “Have you seen it? Yes? Okay, run!” Why? I just find having food at a table uncomfortable. Not “gezellig”.’

We should probably mention that means ‘cosy’. How ‘gezellig’ is it at Digital?

‘What I love most about working here are the people. In my team everyone is very open and honest. I’m not the type of person who’s in a bubble, working with earphones in. Even if I could just Google an answer, I’d rather just ask.’

How would you describe your work-self in five words?

‘Show me the money! Does the exclamation point count for a fifth word? This is simply because the bigger the budget the more possibilities you have to create something really cool.’

What do you do to unwind?

‘When I was stressed the other week my colleague suggested I drive up to the beach at Zandvoort. You can rent a wetsuit and a big foam surfboard there really cheaply. Being by the ocean gives me both a sense of adventure and peace of mind.’

Did you get there in your infamous blue camper van?

‘Yes, I’ve had that car since university. After graduating I drove to the north coast of Spain with a friend. Parking at the seaside and having breakfast at sunrise overlooking the ocean. Magic.’

Now that you’ve ended up in The Netherlands, anything you still can’t get used to?

‘The bread! The amount of it people eat in this country… it’s astonishing. The so-called “broodjes”! Broodjes, broodjes, broodjes. You can tell who’s Dutch just by looking at their plate.’

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