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An Introvert Feeling Right At Home

Ballroom champion Polina shares a cozy home office with her dance and life partner. We checked in to ask a few questions about life in quarantine. Want to know how she's been? Put on some Kraak & Smaak and read on...

April 04, 2020 | 2 min. read

How does the Dutch situation compare to what’s going on in your home country?
It’s quite similar. There’s also no full lockdown, but social distancing and self-quarantine as much as possible.

What’s your current home office situation?
I share the table with my boyfriend and we have daily fights on who gets downstairs and who is exiled to the bedroom.

Does it ever get complicated?
Compared to other people who have kids, I have no right to complain – I only have a boyfriend. And yet, it’s difficult to disconnect sometimes. Home is work and work is home, so regularly one of us gets sucked into “finishing just that one email”, and that’s contagious.

Besides your bed-to-desk commute becoming ultra-quick, how has your daily routine changed?
I have breakfast and I don’t wear heels!

What are you actually enjoying about being self-isolated?
I run a lot more than I used to, just to keep my sanity and get some fresh air. 

Now, a really important one: sweatpants or party dress?
Am I video-calling?  

Have you been cooking much lately?
Something better! We’ve been exploring the ‘Taste at Home’ menus of Michelin star restaurants in the area. Helping small businesses, tasting delicious food, date night at home = win-win-win!

How do you stay connected these days?
I’m an introvert, so I’m quite comfortable at home. On the rare occasion I feel the need for social contact, I log into the Houseparty app to video call and play games with friends.  

What’s the first thing you’ll do when restrictions are lifted?
Get an oatmeal flat white at my favourite coffee place Kek with a nice bite to eat. <3 forever.

Want to add something? 
I’m happy to see that events around the coronavirus are not all negative. I see it with work, and also outside: people supporting each other, offering help, being considerate of others, finding creative ways of working together and socializing. It’s nice to see and be a part of!


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