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Niceness, Understanding, Dedication, Generosity and Empathy

The five main ingredients for creating a great place to work 


Things are changing in the working world. Instead of sticking to rigid structures and strict processes, companies are seeking new ways of working. But to start making these kinds of changes, your mindset needs to adapt – that’s where N.U.D.G.E comes in. 

We’re all about emotional agility. That means being open to new ways of thinking and trusting those around you. It’s about being curious and letting things go, which is pretty tough to do! That’s why we want to help.

From nurturing a supportive atmosphere in the workplace to learning how to keep your cool in stressful situations, you can develop your soft skills with our videos and guides. 

And we believe those skills are fueled by Niceness, Understanding, Dedication, Generosity and Empathy – N.U.D.G.E.

Note from the editor: The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the authors and participants do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the company they work for.